These Amsterdam lady punks from hell play heavy seventies punkrock with a big dash of metal and influences from the Amsterdam genre called “levenslied”.

Visually you could consider the band a tableau vivant by singer and artist Kiki, who produces all art work for the band. Whoever dares to see through the psychedelic rainbow colors and the glitters, sees a bunch of hard core vixens with songs as raw as pure vodka. De Giletjes are inspired by Nirvana, Peter Koelewijn, The Wipers, Motörhead, L7, Black Sabbath, The Pork Dukes and the B52s.

Kikis lovely pink guitar produces a devastating punk sound as she sings her own songs that are filled with humor and deeper meanings, wrapped up in hypnotic melodies. Janneke puts every audience in an extatic trance with her pumping, grooving and hard rocking basslines, the beats from Doriens small size cocktail style drum kit a la garage are unexpectedly loud and heavy. On special occasions Linda enforces the trio with a chainsaw of sweet harmonies from her lipstick red Keytar. The songs, mainly in Dutch, describe subjects that are unfortunately highly underrepresented in most conversations, like the hatred towards geese, the personal history of dildo Tarzan and, most importantly, the huge importance in life of the garment the band is called after: The Waistcoat, Het Giletje in Dutch.

De Giletjes had their first rock show on Sleazefest in december 2015 and consists of former band members from Malle Pietje and the Bimbos, Vrouwen Zijn Ok and Cheap Thrills. Ever since, the girls have been performing a lot in the Dutch garage underground scene and also made their way across the border: in December 2016 they toured in Switserland, in March 2017 in the UK and in January 2018 they will head to Brasil for a one month tour with the legendary Xtreme Blues Dog. Wherever they go, they leave a trail of exuberant mosh pits.

The first EP called “De Giletjes” was recorded and produced in January 2016 by Igor Wouters in the ARC studio. The EP was released on Youtube in five seperate singles with videos all produced by Kiki and Janneke, except for the “Tarzan” video that was produces by the infamous Gifemmer Mannetjes. In December 2016 the christmas hit “Foie Gras Junkie” was recorded at Annika Productions and released with a lowbudget video by Janneke, who shot all footage with her iPhone. Besides Kikis art work, Jannekes video art has become a very essential part of the Giletjes style as well. In September the girls recorded their newest song “Gluren naar de Fietsenmaker” again with Igor at ARC, and it will be released on 7” in January 2018.

Noisy Magazine reviewed De Giletjes as following: “their songs are razor-sharp stories with the best plots” and “here’s a statement: in Holland only few bands are as authentic as De Giletjes, and actually that’s a big pity”.

De Giletjes have only one goal: world domination. They will not rest before every single soul in the world is the proud owner of the most inspiring garment ever to exist: the waistcoat.